College Baseball Team Sheets

College baseball team sheets are a valuable resource — especially around tournament selection time — to keep tabs on teams. For each team, the following statistics are available:

  • Game Results (full results breakdown)
  • RPI (Ratings Percentage Index)
  • Quad Records (Wins by each of the NCAA defined Quads 1-through-4)
  • SOS (Strength of Schedule) and NC SOS (Non-Conference Strength of Schedule)
  • Scoring (Runs per Game, Runs Allowed per Game, and Run Differential)

Note: All RPI / SOS / Quad stats are via NCAA’s daily updates, located here. RPI values are updated after the weekend. For more college baseball stats, check out our pitching leaderboards, team stats, and lineup breakdowns.

Updated May 27, 2024

2024 College Baseball Team Sheets

Updated daily.

For those interested in learning more about the Quads that college baseball considers, check out this Baseball America article. Per that article, “Quad 1 is home games against teams 1-25 in RPI, neutral games against 1-40 and road games against 1-60. Quad 2 is home games against 26-50, neutral games against 41-80 and road games against 61-120. Quad 3 is home games against 51-100, neutral games against 81-160 and road games against 121-240. Quad 4 is home games against 101+, neutral games against 161+ and road games against 241+.